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Doghook Compact

Doghook Compact

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The Doghook Compact

  • x 2 Wood Screws Included
  • Two Fastener Design 
  • All Hooks Weight Capacity 150+ pounds dogs
  • Stainless Steel

Introducing the Doghook Compact, the ideal dog leash holder designed for tight spaces. Crafted with a sleek design, this dog hook fits snugly in areas where our other hooks may not, such as molding, door and window frames, furniture, or fencing.

Perfect for maximizing space, the Doghook Compact ensures easy access while securely holding even the largest dogs. Its compact size belies its strength, providing secure leash storage without compromise. Trust the Doghook Compact to keep your furry companion safe and secure in any space.

Recommended for tight spots

Plate Size: "5 x 1.5"

Hook-to-Plate Clearance: 1/2"

Wood Screws Included!

If you'd like to mount this Doghook to stone, brick, or metal pick up the Masonry Hardware Kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Gina K
Doghook Compact - Stainless

First impression, "WOW this is Heavy". I installed it in my kitchen for my puppy who is not allowed on the carpet at the moment. Installation was very easy considering it was just two wood screws. It looks very nice and quality is better than expected. However, the price is VERY hefty @ $24. plus $9.50 for shipping. I would have been happy with free shipping. I would like another hook for outside, but am not willing to pay the price.

Dog hook

Doghook was purchased for my daughter's Goldendoodle puppy that is overly friendly when anyone enters the house. I saw this dog hook at our Vet's office and I thought it was a great way to help control a dog that greets everyone by jumping on them. With his size, it is difficult to get away. With the dog hook, he is contained in one area until he calms down. Dog hook is strong enought to hold our very large puppy and is helping us to begin to get some control at our door. Thank you Doghook!!!

Bill L
Dog Hook

This is the perfect solution for my Little Library. ND it was cheap too.
Easy to install and works just fine


Installed these in my animal hospital. They are outstanding! Small footprint for installation. Nice and sturdy!

Keith I
Always a winner.

This is my second house that I have installed these dog hooks. They're like potato chips, you can't just install one. I used to attempt some cheesy hardware solution from the big box stores but they don't look good or hold up nearly as well. Struggling with a dog on a leash and attempting tasks is always a pain. Several of these well conceived and constructed hooks does the job. Plus if you take pride in your home, they look terrific.

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