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Doghook Easy Clip 1 - 4 pack

Doghook Easy Clip 1 - 4 pack

  • Made in USA

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1.5" x 4"

Weight Capacity



Stainless Steel

Included Hardware

2 Wood Screws per Hook

Doghook Easy Clip 1 - 4 pack!

The versatile dog leash holder designed with functionality in mind. Equipped with a sturdy carabiner, this dog hook is engineered for effortless mounting under tables, benches, and various surfaces, providing a convenient way to secure pets in diverse environments.

Designed for practicality, the Easy Clip ensures easy setup and removal, making it ideal for use in restaurants, veterinary clinics, pet hospitals, shelters, and other busy establishments. Its compact design and reliable hold offer peace of mind to pet owners and professionals alike, knowing that pets are securely tethered while they focus on essential tasks.

Beyond professional settings, this dog leash holder seamlessly transitions to residential use, offering a reliable solution for pet safety in garages, porches, and entryways. Its durable construction and user-friendly design make it a go-to choice for pet safety in any setting.

With the Doghook Easy Clip, functionality meets peace of mind, ensuring pets stay secure wherever they may roam.

Made in the USA

If you'd like to mount this Doghook to stone, brick, or metal pick up the Masonry Hardware Kit.

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