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Doghook Standard

Doghook Standard

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The Doghook Standard

  • x 2 Wood Screws Included
  • Two Fastener Design 
  • All Hooks Weight Capacity 150+ pounds dogs
  • Stainless Steel

Meet the original dog leash holder, the Doghook Standard! This innovative product sets the gold standard for leash organization. Attach any type of leash to this hook and watch as tails start wagging with joy.

From veterinary clinics and pet hospitals to shelters, restaurants, and coffee shops, the Doghook Standard stands steadfast, ready to serve and protect. It's the OG dog leash holder, ensuring your beloved pets remain safe while you enjoy your daily activities.

But its versatility doesn't end there! The Doghook Standard seamlessly transitions into your home environment, whether adorning your garage, gracing the front porch, or fortifying the back entrance. It's the perfect wall dog hook for providing top-tier security for your furry companions, no matter where their adventures take them.

Plate Size: 2" x 5"

Hook-to-Plate Clearance: 1/2"

Wood Screws Included!

If you'd like to mount this Doghook to stone, brick, or metal pick up the Masonry Hardware Kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

I feel like this hook can hold back a bison! Very sturdy!

Dr. V
Well designed and very functional product

My hospital has 22 of these installed throughout the facility. This is a well designed and very functional product. I strongly recommend this product. And the company is very professional and efficient to work with.

Very well made and functional

Was looking for a makeshift version and came across this product.

Todd F
Stainless Doghook

Beautiful product. Well built. I now have 5 in my vet clinic.

Carol R
Great addition to our little free library

Great product, customer service.

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