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Doghook Ultimate

Doghook Ultimate

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The Doghook Ultimate

  • x 4 Wood Screws Included
  • Four Fastener Design 
  • All Hooks Weight Capacity 150+ pounds dogs
  • Stainless Steel

Experience the Doghook Ultimate - the ultimate dog leash holder. Crafted from robust stainless steel, this dog hook boasts a four-fastener design, ensuring unparalleled stability and grip wherever you choose to mount it.

From bustling veterinary clinics to vibrant shelters, the Doghook Ultimate symbolizes reliability and peace of mind. It serves as the ultimate guardian for your furry companions, keeping them safe while you attend to tasks or unwind.

Its versatility extends seamlessly to residential spaces. Whether installed in your garage, on the front porch, or by the back door, it provides unmatched security for your pets wherever they roam.

Designed for durability, this hook transcends mere hardware; it's a testament to our commitment to your pet's well-being. Trust the Doghook Ultimate to deliver the highest level of protection for your beloved pets, no matter where your adventures take you!

Plate Size: 4” x 3” 

Hook-to-Plate Clearance: 1/2"

Wood Screws Included!

If you'd like to mount this Doghook to stone, brick, or metal pick up the Masonry Hardware Kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Tabatha N


Great for training classes

I'm a certified dog behavior consultant and trainer and I installed six dog hooks in my training facility. I LOVE them. They give my students a chance to use both of their hands for training and observing their dogs. And as an added bonus, the human students have to learn how to communicate with their dogs without using the leash as a crutch. Having the Dog Hooks installed has improved so many of my human students' training mechanics which, in turn, has improved the speed and efficiency of their dogs' learning. I love this product!

Not only do I love this product, but their customer service is remarkable. Katrina was incredibly helpful to me when I was trying to determine which hooks would serve me best. Her recommendations were perfect. Thanks, Katrina!

Shelly P
Awesome and strong

This is our second dog hook, we loved the first one so much that we got another one. They are super strong, we love being outside in the front while our dogs are able to sit on the front porch and watch. They love them too!

Katie F
Heavy Duty Dog Hooks

We have used these at several vet clinics we have built and they are extremely durable. Our clients rave about them!

Chris B
Just right

Installed this on the front porch so we can have the dog sit out there with us without needing to hold onto her leash (she gets very excited when people come to the door, especially delivery drivers). Installation was a breeze and it works and looks great.

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